Bullying and harassment has always been a problem for young people. Bullying and harassment isn’t just a problem in schools. It happens in families, neighborhoods and sports teams. It’s even a form of humor on some TV shows. Some people think bullying and harassment is just a part of growing up, but being shamed, hurt or threatened is unacceptable at any age. Every person has the right to feel safe with peers at school and in the community. Rick’s keynote speech will deal with how to kick the bullying and harassment off your campus.


An experiential keynote that provides youth with the keys to successfully take control of their lives, and deals with the difficult situations facing youth today. Rick will share his personal experiences as well as the steps to make the right choices.


The life expectancy of Americans 16 to 24 years old has decreased while that of every other age group has increased. Why? Violence, alcohol and other drugs! Rick’s keynote deals with how to beat peer pressure, boredom, poor role models, low self-esteem and negative societal influences.


Provide an opportunity for seniors to become closer as a class. Seniors will have a day of interaction, collaboration and get involved in positive activities that will help them seize control of their lives and class. Rick will share the responsibilities that come with the privileges.


Rick is an expert consultant and facilitator for student leadership conferences. At Rick’s conferences student leaders have simple opportunities to gain valuable information and insight that will help them develop their own personal leadership skills. These skills, combined with the activities learned will help students return to their schools and create a positive environment on their campus.


This program will make the freshman transition from junior high to high school a comfortable, exciting change. Freshmen have the opportunity to work with seniors and create “mentoring” relationships. They will leave this experience challenged and empowered to make the move into high school knowing they have a link to upper classmen.


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Students make decisions every day that have profound effects on lives. Connection Day will provide identified student leaders with improved skills and information necessary to make and encourage choices that will have positive effect on other students.


This program is for recognized leaders in diverse groups on campus who already have influence in their school and community. It empowers students with communication skills and leadership qualities while learning more about other leaders on campus.


Connection day will develop leaders and advocates at your school, increase a sense of bonding or belonging to school, enhance one’s self worth and dignity, and bring different ethnic and social groups together to create open lines of communication.

What people are saying

A mother called me to say that her daughter came home from Connection Day and commented, ‘Connection Day was the most significant day of my life.
Tom Needles, Pleasant Valley High School Activities Chair
It’s amazing how only a 50 minute speech from a complete stranger could impact your life, forever.
Sierra Blanton, High School Freshman
Your obvious love of young people was evident not only in your speech, but in your actions and involvement in the activities provided for participants.
Judith V. Burgess, Executive Director, CedarBridge Academy

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