Since 1988, Harriet Turk has worked with audiences from all 50 states and Canada, encouraging, inspiring and challenging them to reach their highest potential. Described as a “down to earth, reachable” presenter, Harriet speaks to the hearts and minds of each audience member.

Heather Schultz believes young people are a solution, not a problem, in our world. It is that kind of belief that makes her a highly requested national youth speaker.

Keith Hawkins is one of America’s top professional youth speakers. Keith has dedicated his life to the human race with his work. His mission is to help make this world a place where we understand and value all people by building meaningful relationships.

Mike Smith has devoted his career to the promotion of positive attitudes and personal responsibility in young people. His years on the road as a speaker, trainer and “edutainer” have given him a wealth of experience to enhance his message.

Scott Greenberg’s presentations have motivated and educated hundreds of thousands of people to embrace life, cope with difficult times and excel in their endeavors. Combining story with substance, Scott will give your group the tools to perform at their personal best.

Regarded as one of the top professional speakers in the area of Attitude and Humor, Sam Glenn shares his highly unique presentation with hundreds of associations and organizations each year.

Lisa M Boesky, Ph.D., is a Child/Adolescent Psychologist who specializes in the identification and management / treatment of youth with mental health disorders, including youth who are suicidal and /or who self-injure. She has expertise on a continuum of youth: those who have minimal issues, high-risk children and adolescents, and young people who have been arrested/placed on probation/incarcerated.

Andrew McCrea draws upon a wealth of experiences when he is criss-crossing the country to deliver his messages. He truly cares about making a difference in the lives of those he meets. As a farmer and rancher from northwest Missouri, Andrew knows what it is like to move herds of cattle and work 18-hour days harvesting a crop. Add to that, his experience as a four-time Oscar-winning radio broadcaster. Andrew brings his insights from interviewing music stars, hall of fame athletes, Iditarod sled dog mushers and even the rooster crowing champion!

Susie Vanderlip, an expert in shaking and waking up teens and adults. An extraordinary theatrical presentation and interactive workshops. Thought-provoking, dramatic and life-saving!

Patty Hendrickson, Certified Speaking Professional, works with organizations that want to grow leaders and with people who want more out of life. Her speaking and training programs from 30-minutes to four days are customized to meet your needs. She delivers conference keynotes, workshops and intense multi-day leadership training programs. Since 1987 she has spoken to hundreds of thousands of people. Patty’s energy inspires so her message sticks!

Phil Boyte has been challenging and encouraging youth and adults to re-examine the way they look at themselves and those around them for over seventeen years. Phil has also spent time consulting with administrators on issues of campus climate. He has taken on the challenge of assisting schools in creating a positive atmosphere where kids want to learn. Phil has developed programs and curriculum that has created outstanding results in schools across the United States and Canada.

Think big with Rick Minniefield!

Big Man, Big Heart, Big Smile, Big Life Changes